David Ware


James Brand

Chief Financial Officer

Elizabeth Shin

Office & HR Manager

John Tsui

IT Manager

David Flight

Facilities Manager

Rebecca Pirie

Recruitment & Child Safety

Sun Hour Chan


Allyn Japitana

PA to the Director

Edizza Mora

HR Officer

Chanseng Chheng

Khmer HR Officer

Mony Chan

Junior Accountant

Chanthan Suon

Purchaser North & South Campuses


Malcolm Pirie

Primary Principal

Cheryl Flight

Secondary Principal

Michael Emery

Deputy Principal IB & IGCSE

Cath Kershaw

Deputy Principal Year 6 – 8 & SST

Eric Wolthuis

Deputy Principal Spiritual Life

Maaike Prins

Deputy Principal Student Development

Gabrielle Ek

Preschool Teacher

Narin Phey

Preschool Teaching Assistant

Bunnaro Vong

Preschool Teaching Assistant

Kristi Ralston

Kindergarten Teacher

Hany Chay

Kindergarten Teaching Assistant

Sarah Hickman

Year 1 Teacher

Sorya Suos

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Amera Gardose

Year 2 Teacher

Chanthol Chhon

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Nay Greenfield

Year 3 Teacher

Abel Robb

Year 3 Teacher

Sinich Nau

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Sumita Leonard

Year 4 Teacher

Sreyleak Khorn

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Sarah Cheung

Year 5 Teacher

Setana Thoung

Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Jonthan Sor

Khmer Teacher & Library Technician

Sina Lim

Library Assistant

Winnie Tsui

Primary Music Teacher

Aage Dyssagard

Primary & Secondary
Physical Education

Daniela Escobar

Primary & Secondary Art

Jeri-Lee Kenny

Primary & Secondary Drama

Jacki Harrington

School Counselor

David Portela

School Counselor

Russell Mills

Guidance Counselor

Kath Williams

Student Support Team

Fiona Lee

Secondary English

Renee Boring

Secondary English

Maria Lai

ESL/ Secondary English

Vicki Hollingsworth

Secondary Social Studies

Robert Dunham

Secondary History & Geography

Jenny Ahn

Secondary Business Studies

Thressa Brand

Secondary Christian Perspectives

Taara Portela

Secondary Music

Jannida van Dijk

Secondary Art

Sarah Moon

Secondary Korean

Isabelle Peduzy

Secondary French

Yamel Calixto

Secondary Spanish

Dougal Strahan

Secondary Science

Lee Kim

Secondary Science

Angela Wolthuis

Lab Technician

John Kershaw

ICT/Computer Science

Seyha Song

Lab Technician

John Kennedy

Secondary Mathematics

Timothy Kime

Primary & Secondary Mathematics

Ruth Taylor

Cover Teacher

Rebecca Kime

Secondary PE

Lyda Seng

PE Assistant

Thy Ly

IT Technician

Dara Dy

IT Assistant

Upin Chhun

Front Desk Manager

Sreymom Ang

Office Assistant

Pisey Tep


Dyna Pouk

Assistant to the Campus Principal

Verlyn Montecalvo

School Nurse

La Heang

Head of Maintenance

Vanry Thou

Head Cleaner


Ashley O’Shields

Deputy Principal

Bunnary Bou


Sreyrath Tom

Junior IT Assistant

Kristen Collins

Preschool/Kindergarten Teacher

Mesa Thach

Preschool/Kindergarten Teaching Assistant

Diane Lesh

Year 1/2/3 Teacher

Sophavy Bun

Year 1/2/3 Teaching Assistant

Jacki Harrington

School Counselor

Sovan Teok

Head Cleaner

Sarith Sek

Head of Maintenance


Melanie Waters

Principal & K/1 Teacher

Choucy Moa

Office Coordinator

Sarin Chhet


Vichhai Samreth

IT Junior Technician

Glenda Ramos

Preschool Teacher

Maria Voun

Preschool Teaching Assistant

Vijeta Emmanuel

Kindergarten/Year 1 Teacher

Melissa Baumbach

Year 2- 5 Teacher

Phirun Thorn

Year 2 – 5 Teaching Assistant

Rufus Emmanuel

Secondary Mathematics

Richard Smith

Secondary English

Kent Sellers

Deputy Principal & Secondary Science

Jacqui Heasman


Lauren Bardin

Art & PE

Thea Ouen


Hach Chea


Kunthea Bun


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